What is the best way to become a great programmer? [Experts Tips]

If you are interested to become a Programmer the first thing is you have to choose a platform. There are many different categories to do Program like Web development, Android Apps development, IOS Apps development, Data Science, and many more. Each of the categories can complete with many programming languages. For example, if you wanted to be a Web developer then You can start with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for Front-End development. Or If you wanted to be a back-End Web developer then You can Go for Python, PHP or Note.JS, or Java.

So there are Huge options for you. Let me reminder Each platform has its own Value.

Top 10 programming languages list:

programming languages list

So, Once you done with selecting which platform you choose and start programming then How you can become a great programmer?

Step-1: Stick With Programming

Become a Good Programmer

Programming is not an easy course or Short time Work. Its a life long course and you have to enjoy it while doing it. Setup your mind that you have to do hard work and regular practice. At least stick with 1 year to a better understanding of programming.

Step-2: Solve Problems

Programmers are basically a Problem solver. They find a real-life problem and turn it into a computerized Solution. So the more you solve problems the more you become a great programmer. From the below websites you will find real programming problems. So gig drives to these websites and solves problems to become a Pro.

The 10 Most Popular Coding Challenge Websites:

The 10 Most Popular Coding Challenge Websites

Step-3: Learn From Free Sources

Programming is a Wide sector and it has many free sources to learn. For a programmer it is very important to learn new things and be up to date.

Here is a list of Some Free Source Websites:

  1. ThreeHouse
  2. KhanAcademy
  3. CodeSchool
  4. EDX
  5. Coursera
  6. CodeWars
  7. FreeCodeCamp
  8. GitHub
  9. The Odin Project
  10. MIT Open CourseWare

Step-4: Enjoy programming

Programming is interesting. You should enjoy programming while doing it. Don’t force yourself to do programming. If you think you have not interested in Programming then you should quit or try another language. There are many things to learn. Explore yourself

Step-5: Practice Regularly

Programming is not hard but it’s a matter of practice. You don’t need to do High school math to solve the program. It’s simple and interesting. But to be an expert you must do Regular practice.

Step-6: Do your Own projects/Assignment

The best way to learn programming is Doing projects or complete assignments. Trust me Its a good process. I personally maintain this procedure. If you plan to go with a project then you have a potential to finish your task. Then you will be fast and explore your resources.

That’s it from me. But there are many experts answer here that I attracted.

  1. Aaron Adams


Coding is one of those things that sounds a lot more complex than it is.

While that doesn’t mean that it isn’t complex, it’s a lot easier than it sounds.

On TV, they show hackers and programmers with their fingers flying across the keyboard, spouting technical terms that sound like scientific nonsense, beads of sweat forming on their heads as they “hack the mainframe” or whatever it may be.

This is what most people think programming looks like:

Ways to Become a Good Programmer

In reality though, this is what most programming looks like:

Ways to Become a Good Programmer

It takes a lot more thinking than actual typing. In most cases, you aren’t working against some kind of minutes-long timer like they are in the movies.

In most cases, programming is calm, and fun.

But let’s get to the question at hand.

I know lots of different programming languages. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Java, BASIC, TI-BASIC, GML, Bash, and probably more that I can’t remember. I’m not actually all that great at all of those languages.

But how did I get to this point, where I’ve learned as much as I do about programming?

Time. Time and practice. Just like learning an instrument, or starting a new job, things will feel confusing at first. But over time, as you practice, you get better and better until it’s just natural.

There are a lot of resources you can use to start learning to program.

Online resources, books, tutorials, and all kinds of things.

I find that I learn best from interactive tutorials. Things that will teach you how to do something, and then lead you through completing a similar task yourself.

The website I learned on was Codecademy, but it’s been quite a while since I used it, and they might not be completely free anymore. If they are, then their web courses really helped me out. They teach you a concept, and then they lead you through actually performing that task on your own.

I didn’t really have an experienced programmer alongside me when I learned, but I imagine that, if someone had the free time for it, that might really help out as well. (Then again, some of us might not be the best of teachers. It depends on who you’re asking, I guess)

But the biggest thing that seems to scare people is the complexity and the time involved in learning it.

Take for instance, this little chunk of code…

Let me know if this is too easy of an example, but to an inexperienced programmer, this probably doesn’t make much sense.

But what about this way?

In each of the lines above that start with “//”, there is a comment that describes what that line of code does.

First it asks for their name, which is provided as one sentence.

Then it splits that sentence into two words, by cutting at the space.

Then, if the first letter of both names is the same, it tells the user.

Now, after you know what each line of code does, you should be able to go back to the first code and read it better than you could before.

Here, I give another image:

That is what’s called a Guitar Tab. If you’ve never played guitar before, you probably have no idea what any of this means.

But someone who has practiced with guitar tabs would know that each line is a string on the guitar, and each number tells them where to put their fingers.

Even though it sounds so simple though, it takes a lot of practice with a guitar to be able to play even such a simple song well.

Why did I bring up guitars when we’re talking about programming?

Because learning programming is just like learning an instrument.

It takes time and practice, and once you eventually get good at it, it’ll be loads of fun to do in your free time. Even the process of learning is typically fun in some way.

One more thing before I finish off the answer. Imagine yourself learning guitar. Learning to read the music, learning how to play and where to put your fingers. Now imagine that someone asks you to play the same song on a piano. It will take a lot of practice, but I imagine it would be a lot easier if you’ve already trained your mind to work with music, rather than when you first started out.

It’s the same with programming. The more you practice, and the more you learn, the easier it becomes over time to learn new languages and new concepts.

Taking a guitarist and asking them to learn piano, would be similar to maybe taking someone who uses lots of JavaScript and asking them to learn C. The instrument or programming language may be completely different than the one you already know, but because you have trained your mind into music, or programming, it will be easier to learn the new instrument or language than if you had started from scratch.

That’s why time and practice are so vital to learning programming. When you first start out, it might feel like progress is slow. But over time, as you learn more, it then becomes easier to learn even more. Progress will speed up, and before you know it, you’ll be making some big project, or having so much fun playing around with a new hobby.

2. Arnab Saha


A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street. ~Doug Linder

At the very onset, let me make it clear that I DO NOT consider myself a good programmer. I rate my coding skills as average and I am still learning and have a long way to go before I am even slightly pleased with my programming skills. Yes, I am better than quite a few people when it comes to programming, but that’s merely because they are lazy and like to sit on idly all day and never bother about programming. Their horrible skills make me less horrible skills look marvelous.

So most of the tips I will mention below are lessons learnt from failed endeavours, they are what I have wanted to be and I am not. So lets dive in.

1.Work on Basics

As is true for any industry and any job, conceptual understanding is the key to success. Unless one has a strong conceptual foundation, he/she can never be a good programmer. The core conceptual understanding helps you in designing and implementing the best solutions in the best possible way. If still, you feel the gap in core computer science and your programming language specific concepts, it’s never too late to go back and review the basics.

2.Start putting question tags (how, what, etc.) with every set of code you write

One thing that I realized creating a clear separating line between good programmers and rest is that zeal to know what and how it is happening. There is a small group of people who can never leave a code without knowing exactly what is happening when it executes. I understand that in tight deadlines, we don’t get this liberty always and hence have to leave the code just knowing that it’s doing its job. Although this is a bit different topic of how to handle such situations, as a programmer one can always try the level best to dig into as much as one can. And believe me, this becomes a habit with time and then you do it unknowingly every time.

3.You learn more by helping others

Most of us have a common tendency of turning our heads towards forums or groups only when we need help. And again a clear separation between the good programmer and rest that the formers visit these places more often to help others. This makes them learn more than they learn getting their problem solved by someone else. Within a team as well, help others to solve their problems. Believe me, understanding others’ problems in their context, investigating that, and providing solutions; will leave you much more learned than before.

4.Write simple, understandable but logical code

As in almost every aspect of life, the formula of KISS (Keep it simple and short) works in programming as well. Write more logical code and avoid complexity. Sometimes people do write complex code just to prove their capability to write such codes. My experience says that simple but logical codes always work well, resulting in fewer issues, and are more extendable. I remember an excellent quote

Good code is its own best documentation. As you’re about to add a comment, ask yourself, “How can I improve the code so that this comment isn’t needed?” ~Steve McConnell

5.Spend more time analyzing the problem, you’ll need less time to fix it

Spend more time understanding and analyzing the problem and designing solutions for it. You will find the rest of the things quite easily doable. Designing not always mean using modeling languages and tools, it can be as simple as looking at the sky and thinking of solutions in your mind. Those who have habits of pressing the keyboard (for coding) the moment get the problem, usually ended us something different than the requirement.

6. Be the first to analyze and review your code

Although a bit difficult, try to break your own code before others can, and with the time you will learn to write close-to-bug-free code. Always do a close and unbiased review of your code. Also never hesitate to take others’ to view your code. Working with good programmers and taking their feedbacks will surely help you become a good programmer.

7.Read documentation

One of the essential habits of a good programmer is that they read lots of documentation. May it be specifications, JSR, API documents, tutorials etc. Reading documents helps you creating that essential foundation based on which you program in the best of the way.

8.You can learn from others code as well

I interacted with some excellent programmers who actually have java source project inside their IDE all the time and read/refer to that in daily work. They do it not only to fulfill their appetite of knowing the basics but also to learn ways of writing good programs. Reading and referring to reliable and known open source code or your senior’s code, can also help you make your programming better.

And the last, not listed above: Don’t compare yourself with others

Your comparison of yourself with others will only result in the evolution of negative feelings and unhealthy competition. Everyone has got his or her strengths and weaknesses. It is more important that we understand ours and work on it. I have seen many times that so-called ‘fundoo-programmers’ (fundamentally strong programmer) also make silly mistakes. So, analyze yourself, list down your areas of improvement, and work on them. Programming is real fun, enjoy it.

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand. ~Martin Fowler


This article is all about how can you become a great programmer. In the beginning I answers from my experience then I attached 2 top vote answer related to this topic. There answers also explain the same thing. So read the whole article and inspire yourself to become a great programmer.

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